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Our Services

We focus on end-to-end processes and understand the ecosystem - this helps us decode complexities, eliminate silos and surface opportunities for incremental business benefits. We believe in simplifying processes by connecting the dots that matter for the critical path to success. We use digital as a measure to bridge the gaps that compliments the process design and are tied to organizational goals of our clients.   

Transportation Planning

As our clients focus on managing challenges from increasing freight cost and equipment/ driver availability, we help companies manage the process in a way that optimizes load planning activities and therefore reduce transportation spend.

We  help make the right decisions around route optimization, maximizing capacity and target faster deliveries to destination that help with increased efficiency at a lane level.

Demand & Supply Planning

Accurate forecasts drive more accurate supply chain plans. Companies are constantly looking to gain superior visibility, greater service or fill rates and higher profitability and we support by synchronizing supply and demand planning efforts. Focusing on real world constraints, we serve for the best outcome possible evaluating sourcing, production and potential distribution options from an end-to-end perspective. Keeping optimum stock levels are key to successful execution and we support in building the right operating model for organizations to reduce overstocks, eliminate production waste and avoid stock-outs.   

Order Management

Order management has direct impact on how a customer sees a business or brand and within the organization, it touches virtually every system and process in the supply chain.

We support our clients build an order management process that is interconnected and works cohesively with supply chain and other teams within the organization to be able to fulfill customer orders on time. 

Inventory Replenishment

Mixing center capacity, increased transportation and warehousing cost continue to trouble manufacturing companies deploy products at locations where there is demand. We help our clients make the right decision with regards to inventory management. We support with our best practices on effective collaboration between logistics and planning by applying an end-to-end focus on planning and fulfillment strategies. 

Material Planning

Material planning is a critical process for any manufacturing organization and has become one of the most important function post pandemic due to several risk mitigation opportunities. Accuracy and decision making is key to the business without which, companies risk higher inventory costs, unhappy customers, inventory shortages, and fewer on-time deliveries. 

We support businesses in managing the right operating model focusing on data quality, keeping flexibility to make alterations as business conditions change and ensuring the right lead times are considered as part of planning exercise.

Supply Chain Analytics

To enable an optimized decision making process it is of utmost importance for organizations today to get the right visibility using data and facts. It helps make the right decision for the network and build efficient supply chain practices.

We understand the risks associated and therefore help companies prepare for the future. Our services include but not limited to demand forecasting, inventory planning, network and pricing analytics.   

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